Pacific Almond, LLC is owned and operated by the Billings family. We are located at 14333 GP Road, Lost Hills, Ca 93249 (8 miles west of Hwy 33 on Hwy 46). If you would like a map please go to the link on our Contact tab. Pacific Almond is a custom Almond Huller and Sheller and a Raw Brown Skin & Inshell Processing Facility.

At Pacific Almond we have the ability to Custom Hull, Shell, Size, X-ray Sort, Laser Sort, Color Sort, Length Thickness Sort, Hand Sort and Pack your Raw Brown Skin Almonds and Inshell. Our inventory control system provides easily accessible up-to-date inventory reports, grower reports and provides accurate traceability of all products. We pack for further processing into 1 metric ton, 50 lb & 25 lb containers for Meats and 50 lb sacks for Inshell, all for different end user customers around the world. After the product leaves the plant it may be used in many ways including roasted, confectionery, blanched, flavored, mixed with other nuts/fruits, sliced, or diced. Pacific Almond makes every effort possible through our HACCP and Food Safety programs to provide a safe and healthy product within the specifications communicated by the end-user.